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Nozzles  - “P”, “S”, “DN” nozzles for all kinds of passenger and commercial vehicles, agricultural machines (tractors, combines, cultivators), construction machines (forklifts, excavators etc.), and all associated parts for them (nozzle holders, ) by brands Bosch, Delphi, Monark, Firad, IPM, Stanadyne, Motorpal

Elements and delivery valves – elements, delivery valves, springs, camrings, oil seals, bearings, regulators, membranes for all diesel vehicles of the brands Bosch, Delphi, Monark, Firad, IPM, Stanadyne, Motorpal


Repair kits – Gasket kits, washers, bushs, oil seals, bolts, rubbers and everything else that is needed for the repair of all types of DPA, DPC, DPS, VP, EPIC, Common Rail, CPR, CP3 pumps of the brands Bosch, Spaco, Flag, Monark

Hidraulic heads/ Rotors - Hydraulic heads for all types of rotary pumps and all associated parts for their reparation, of the brands Bosch, IPM, Fischer

Feed pump/ AC pump - feed pumps, their reparation kits, hand pumps, hand primers for all types of vehicles from brands Bosch, BCD, Monark, IPM, Flag

Common rail injectors – injectors and and their repair kits from brands  Bosch, Denso, Siemens

High pressure pumps - New and second hand, inline androtary pumps for many types of vehicles (cars, trucks, tractors, combines)

Glow plugs

Test benches

Other: solenoids,sensor nozzles, high pressure pipes, non-returning  valves, cam rings, ribbed belts, filters, wipers, rotary lights, etc.