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About Us

Toby LLC is a trading company that in the last 20 years has established itself in the market in the Republic of Macedonia as a specialized distributor of spare parts for diesel passenger and commercial vehicles, and also all type of agricultural and construction machinery (tractors, combines, excavators, forklifts, etc.).

Our product line includes a wide range of products, ranging from pumps of all kinds, nozzles, injectors, feed pumps, pump elements, delivery valves, glow plugs, repair kits, as the older generation vehicles up to the latest technologies (unit pumps, common rail and other.

The Cooperation with top companies in the technical industry as Bosch, Delphi, Monark, Spaco, Firad enables us to offer top quality products for the best prices. Also, the excellent relation with our suppliers allows us to satisfy all the needs and requirements of customers in the shortest time.

These are the characteristics that make Tobiserious and successful company:

            -      We sell high quality products, from the best known brands in the field of automobile industry

            -      The speed and quality of the service is our main feature

            -      Customer satisfaction is our main goal

            -      Following the new trends and technologies in the automotive industry, is our future